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A Turn-key Tile Plow Solution

AMW’s new PIPE Solution is based on over a decade of supplying tiling and utility professionals with software solutions for tile plows. Now, on our new Android computer platform and surveyor grade RTK, operation has been simplified and updated and includes all hardware needed to get operational in no time.

For farm tiling, subterranean irrigation and utilities placement. Control pipe plow to place tile, control depth and rate of flow. Record actual tile placement in real time, mapping for later pipe locating.

PIPE also provides for topographical map creation by driving the terrain, and or layering a geo-referenced yield map, Google map, satellite image, aerial photo or other user defined maps to identify water ponding areas and drainage strategies, for pipe tile planning.

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Construction Grade Control with Construction GPS Globes. Order yours today or call Ryan for more information 563-920-5395