45 Series

3PT Economy Tile Plow


The 45 Series 3PT Economy Tile Plow is the most affordable tile plow, perfect for the farmer wanting to install tile economically. Designed for a Category 3 3PT Hitch, the Economy Tile Plow is perfect for shallower tile installation such as: laterals in a pattern tile application, along water ways, and draining wet spots in fields.

OFDP-45 3PT Economy Tile Plow

Available Boot Sizes 3", 4", 5", 6"
Recommended Power 150-300 HP
Water Level Standard
Weight 1,500 lbs
Tiling Depth Up to 54"

Pull with a large 2-wheel drive tractor

The Economy OFDP45-3PT can be pulled by a large two wheel drive or small front wheel assist tractor. It is recommended that a tractor with a weight of at least 16,000 pounds be used. In lighter soils, smaller tractors may be used.

ASTM F449-02 6.5 Compliant

Lay tile as recommended by the ASTM. All O'Connell plows and Quick Attach Trailing Boots comply with ASTM F449-02 6.5 for correct tile placement and proper bedding of the soil.

Grade Control

Optional Laser or GPS Grade Control is available for the Economy Tile Plow.

Quick Attach Trailing Boot

The O'Connell Quick Attach Trailing Boot is the easiest and quickest trailing boot to change in the industry. Spend less time changing boots and more time tiling. Designed for and available in 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” tile boots.

The Economy Plow is sold with a 4” Quick Attach Trailing Boot standard. Optional Quick Attach Trailing Boots are available in 3”, 5”, and 6” sizes.


The Economy Plow installs tile using a pitch plow design. Retract the cylinders to lower into the ground and extend the cylinders to raise out of the ground. Two depth chains and one water level are used to visualize the tile depth and pitch during installation.

Tile Plowing in Earlville, Iowa with the OFDP45-3PT Economy Tile Plow.