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Super Stringer


Walking Tandem Axle
Super Stringer



The O'Connell Super Stringer is simple to operate and easy to use with either your tractor hydraulics or optional self-contained hydraulic system with wired remote.

Standard Features

  • Battery Charging Module 
  • 12V DC Battery included with all Self-Contained Hydraulic Models
  • 35’ Wired Remote for Self-Contained Hydraulic Models
  • Polyurethane Brake: Low Maintenance, No Rope, No Pull Handle
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish - Construction Yellow
  • Highway Legal Tail Lights
  • Pinned Hitch
  • Rear Hitch
  • OFDP Tile Cutter Mount


  • 11’ Table Base
  • 1/4” Steel- 2”x4” Frame and Saddle Assembly
  • 1/2” Steel Table Rim
  • 10” Diameter, 9’ Tall Stinger Tube
  • Heavy Duty 8000 lb Ag Hub with Sealed Bearings and 3” Spindle
  • Heavy Duty Lift Cylinder: 3.5” Bore, 1.5” Rod


  • Wireless Remote
  • 11Lx15 8 Ply Tubeless Floatation Tires for Tandem Axle Trailers
  • Tiling Tool/Accessory Tray
  • Multiple Powder Coat Color Options
  • Ag Green, Ag Red, Ag Blue
  • OFDP Tile Cutter that fits Tile Cutter Mount

O'Connell Tandem Axle Super Stringer tile stringing trailer. with self-contained hydraulics