Our Products

O’Connell Drainage Equipment is in business today because of our main philosophies:

Simple Operation

Installing drain tile isn’t rocket science, and you shouldn’t need an engineering degree to operate a tile plow. We have the simplest design that works the best.  It sounds easy to use because it is easy to use.


O’Connell Drainage Equipment is simple and affordable yet built to the highest standards of quality, our standards. You won’t find a better value than an O’Connell tile plow.

Service is key

We don’t just sell you a product, we service it too. Our company is built on service. We, the owners, are only a phone call away.



45 Series 3PT Economy Tile Plow

  • Pulled by 2 wheel drive tractor

  • Inexpensive

  • 3 point mount

  • Transportable by truck

55-Series Heavy Duty and Standard Large Tile Plows

  • 3 point or pull type convertible

  • Parallel link, zero pitch for accurate grade control

  • 66” maximum tiling depth

Commercial Pull Type Dual Link Series

  • Control both pitch and elevation

  • OFDP-60DL convertible Pull-Type or 3PT

  • 84" maximum tiling depth

O'Connell Super Stringers

  • EZ manual brake for better control when unrolling tile

  • 3 point, single axle, or tandem axle options

  • Highway legal tail lights

O'Connell Super Closer

  • Mounds soil over Tile Trench

  • Helps eliminate soil dips over tile lines

  • Adjustable up to 102" wide

The Cranberry King

  • Accurate depth control with rear wheels

  • Vertical and Horizontal rollers, at pipe entry, to protect the pipe from abrasion

Grade Control

  • GPS Tile Plow Controls

  • Laser Tile Plow Controls

  • RTK GPS Solutions


Tile Feeder

  • Feed your tile in at the speed you are tiling

  • No electronic controls, all hydraulic flow

  • Reduces stretch and maintains tile integrity

  • Designed for 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” tile


Tile Cutter

  • Cutter sizes available for up to 8" tile

  • One swipe cuts

  • No more Jackknifes


Extra Stringing Spool

  • Holds partial rolls together

  • Fits most tile stringing trailers

  • Eliminate tangle rolls