Commercial Pull Type

Dual Link Series Tile Plow


The wait is finally over. An easy to operate, affordable pull type commercial tile plow with the best service in the industry. More accurate grade control, pitch and elevation. Self-Propelled Commercial Tile Plows control both pitch and elevation to accurately discharge tile in the bottom of the trench; now you can have the accuracy of a commercial plow at the drop of a pin. No worrying about soft bottoms, extreme angles, or going through waterways and ridges. Slope and elevation control, the best of both worlds, just like the real professionals. 


The most accurate way to lay tile is with pitch and elevation. O'Connell's Dual Link series plows utilize lift cylinders to control elevation and the pitch cylinders to control slope. Combining the accuracy of dual link with O'Connell's expert design creates the easiest pulling, simplest commercial plow on the market today.

6’ CONVERTIBLE 3PT or Pull-Type

O’Connell Farm Drainage Plows continues to design and produce the most versatile and convertible tile plows on the market. The O'Connell Dual Link series OFDP-60DL can be converted from a 3PT to a Pull-Type plow in a matter of minutes.


The O'Connell shank design fractures the ground and allows more soil to come back into the trench and filter down to the tile. Doing this helps the tile drain faster and more efficiently from the beginning. It also creates less of a mess than other plows on the market that push the soil too far away from the center of the trench.


The OFDP-70DL lifts 32” above ground, the highest lifting pull-type tile plow in the industry. The higher the lift, the easier it is to back over the start hole.


O'Connell Drainage Equipment is the leader in easy to use, easy to understand, quality equipment with all new pitch and depth gauges. Why settle for water levels that are hard to see and hard to use when you can have a numerical pitch gauge that tells you what the plow angle truly is. Don’t waste time trying to see a chain or wondering if electronics are telling you the truth. Know where your tile is all the time, with our easy to read numerical depth gauge.


Lay tile as recommended by the ASTM. All O'Connell plows and Quick Attach Trailing Boots comply with the ASTM F449-02 6.5 for correct tile placement and proper bedding of the soil. Have a V-bottom when the ASTM recommends, and a trapezoidal bottom for larger tile sizes. V’s don’t cause erosion; flat bottoms do cause crushing. Support your tile the proper way.


The O'Connell Quick Attach Trailing Boot is the easiest and quickest trailing boot to change in the industry. Spend less time changing boots and more time tiling. Designed for and available in 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”and 12” sizes.

The O'Connell Dual Link Series is sold with a 4” Quick Attach Trailing Boot standard. Optional Quick Attach Trailing Boots are available in 3”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” sizes.